Challenge Accomplished

So I just completed my 100 days of running Challenge. Though the minimum distance we had decided upon was 5km, my co-challengers and I really ended averaging 6km overall by the end of the challenge. It seems almost unfair if I don’t share my experience and my journey with others who would like to embark […]

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Challenge Accepted

This is so exciting! It’s Day 21. Every Self-help Guru or Fitness Coach will tell you that for any new set of actions to become a habit it requires at least 21 days of consistent practice. And it is 100% true. I have tried it several times myself, for picking up any new habit that […]

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My identity

What is my identity? What defines us? Our actions, thoughts, friends, surroundings? What really defines us? Coming from a highly patriarchial Indian society, sometimes I wonder whether my definition of myself is really my own or is it something that the men of this society have assigned to me. I saw “The Breakfast Club” movie […]

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Fitness Gear Must Haves

Some of the must haves in every fitness fanatics’ gear are listed below: 1. Fitness Tracker: Top of the list, hands down. Fitness trackers are a must have for people who workout regularly. It helps you set goals, track them and stay motivated. With the mapping of several fitness trackers with mobile Apps, they have […]

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